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Pete and Macaulay Culkin apparently sharing a flat in Paris? 

This humours me.

I’m assuming they met 2 years ago for Adam Green’s Ketamine-fuelled film The Wrong Ferrari, A Screwball Tragedy. It’s not bad, but don’t watch it sober. You can stream it in HD here (Password: mindwheel) or in SD on YouTube.

I decided to start using Tumblr again yesterday.  This is the blog which was formerly known as GangOfGin, I’ve not posted on this blog for two years (I had another blog for a while, which is linked) but I decided to post again mostly because I stumbled across an old archive of great early Libertines photosets which are worth sharing.  Blogging, thinking back, was also an old procrastination routine I used to fiend.

I’ve got an exam at 2 o’clock tomorrow and so far my revision has consisted of doing question 1a from last year’s exam paper.  Marine Design & Production tomorrow, Maths on Wednesday, Mechanics on Thursday, then another two the week after.  I’ve not done nearly as much revision as I’d planned to do, why was it so much easier to revise in school? 

There are definitely a few factors which influence the level of motivation any person has to study.  Lifestyle probably has a major impact; spending a few hours each week doing either aerobic or anaerobic exercise would improve the ability to focus as well as helping to blow off some steam without using alcohol, drugs or any other costly and consuming vice (we all have something).  Inebriation is probably helpful from time to time to keep you sane but it’s not worth forming a habit.  Eating smart clearly helps, I think food has a big impact on the human psyche.  Socialising regularly is essential.  Sex helps.  Having a routine helps, especially when it incorporates ample time for pleasure and leisure.  Working through uni, depending on how often you attend lectures, severely reduces the likelihood of revising.  I’m aware of all these theories, they’re mine, but my ability to put each in to practice varies.  I should have realised all this 6 weeks ago.  Fuck it.

I’ll head in to the library for 9 tomorrow, get a few hours revo under my belt, it’ll all be sound.  Better get some kip amigos, peace.

Pete & Wolfie, Shots for NME

22nd April 2004.

Filthy McNasty’s, 1st December 2003.

I have scarcely lived. I have not known life, meaning that I have no mistresses, no flatterers, no servants, no retinue. I have not, as they say, made my entrance into society, because society has always struck me as false and sonorous, covered in tinsel, boring, hidebound. My life has not been built on events. My life is in my thoughts. And what, then, are these thoughts which now lead me – at an age when everyone smiles happily, when people get married and fall in love, when so many others are thrilled by the loves and honours of life, when brilliant lights sparkle and glasses are filled at the feast – to feel alone and denuded, bereft of inspiration and poetry, sensing myself dying and yet laughing cruelly at my own slow agony, like the Epicurean who had his veins opened up, got into a perfumed bath, and died laughing, or like a man in a drunken state leaving the orgy which has worn him out?

Gustave Flaubert - Mémoires d’un fou.

Travel, indeed, struck him as being a waste of time, since he believed that imagination could provide a more-than-accurate substitute for the vulgar reality of actual experience.

Des Essientes - A’Rebours.

Joris-Karl Huysmans.

Pete outside the Albion Rooms.
112a Teesdale Street, Bethnal Green.
24th April 2004.

Pete & Wolfie, Merry Go Round.
21st February 2004.